Friday, October 10, 2014

Made It

We made it through the week!  Grant has been recovering from his hernia surgery all week and so far he is doing really good.  By the 3rd day he was able to walk up the stairs and sleep in bed instead of the couch.  All week he has been in what he calls couchpital!  And I have been a nurse/house keeper/mom/baby nanny, lots of work and the pay is not great lol.  It is nice to spend time with Grant, but I don't think I can take any more of the constant history channel viewing hahahha.  If I was paying attention to what he watches I should know the history of the entire world, but I just can't get into those shows, put on E! News and I could repeat every word they say lol.

 Thank you so much to Grandpa Dave and his partner Teresa for this super cute snail shirt.
I am so happy I put this shirt on him now because it fits perfectly!

 Grant said that Emmett is his pain killer, that all he needs is Emmett's cuddles!  I love that!

Here is a picture of the new basket we got to bath Emmett in.  I think it will work really good once he gets use to it.  We tried to bath him right before bed time and he was soo over tired that he screamed the whole time and tried to stand up which was not a good start to the big boy bath time.


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