Sunday, November 30, 2014

Emmett Walking at 9 Months

Here is Emmett at 9 months walking.  He falls at the end but he didn't get hurt, he didn't even cry!

Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving weekend was lots of fun.  Thursday morning we packed up and went to my parent's house for the day.  Emmett and I stayed the night but Grant had to get home so he could be up early for the surfing.  Of course we forgot to take pictures of the meal until after we were done so sadly we only have a picture of a bunch of dirty dishes on the table.

 Pre Meal posing in the back yard.

 Emmett played and crawled as we did a puzzle.
The table after dinner!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Old Towne Eatery in Orange

On Sunday we went out to lunch in the Orange Circle to the Old Towne Eatery.
This place is new for us, it wasn't there when we lived in Orange.  The food was really good and it was decorated really cute.  It was nice to get out of the house and walk around and go to lunch.

I had a chicken rice bowl and Grant had a pork sandwich, we both really enjoyed the place.
I find it interesting how the Orange circle has such a fast turn over of restaurants and stores, its such a popular place, but I guess it must be hard to stick around.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Nine Months Old

Emmett is 9 months old!  Wow time is going fast.  Emmett is not even a baby anymore he is now a little boy!  He is walking of course with assistance, he is always trying to get down and as soon as he is down he is trying to get up.  Over all he is a really really happy boy who is always laughing.  He now has 4 teeth and more on the way.  He has his top 2 and bottom 2.  He is eating 3 full meals a day.  He loves yogurt and fruit puree.  He is now wearing 12 month old clothes and he loves to talk.  His 2 main things he says is bob and ite.  He has also learned how to scream and its not a cry its a full out scream.  The newest thing is stranger danger if he doesn't see you all the time he is scared of you lol.  The kind of scared where he will hide and cry and scream if you talk to him.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


We have been doing a lot lately.  I always feel like I should be getting more done, but when I step back and look at everything I realize that I do get plenty done.

Re did this table
 Took care of this monkey
 He pulls himself up on everything!
 Did this drawing
 Went to my friend's boy's birthday party
 Stained this cabinet for my mom. Man this turned out to be a lot of work, but it was worth it.
 Made Emmett food he will probably never eat hahaha.
Accomplishing a little everyday amounts to a lot in the end.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Living Room Re-Do

My mom and I turned her dinning room into a living room.  Back when I lived at home the room connected to our kitchen was our only living room, after living cramped in a small living room forever my parents decided to use our formal living room at the front of the house for the everyday living room and made the room off the kitchen into a formal dinning room.  The only draw back to this is they have the kitchen dinning room right next to the formal dinning, so there are literally 2 huge wood tables in one room.  Soo we decided that the room needed to go back to being a family room where people can hang out and relax.  It makes perfect sense to have 2 areas where people can relax considering most of the time everyone wants to watch different tv shows.


You can see the fireplace behind the table, which never got used because it was hidden.

Now here is the AFTER:
We were going for a light theme with white, teal, and persimmon orange as the accent colors.
We painted all the walls (which had not been painted since the 90's) and we got a new kitchen ceiling lamp too.

 We are still waiting on the couch that will go along the wall that is not pictured.
 We found this lamp at a consignment store after searching everywhere!
We found these nesting tables at the consignment store too and painted the legs to be a bright pop of color.
Of course my mom will still be adding items and we still need the couch, but over all we love the way it turned out.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Flat Tire

On Saturday I was driving up to my friend's house where she was having a birthday party for her little boy.  Emmett and I were in my car and my mom was driving in front of us.  My mom was probably about 4 cars in front of us when I ran over a large chain that was on the freeway.  I didn't think much about it because it didn't look like something that would give you a flat tire, but about 2 min later my car started to rock back and forth.  I knew what was happening because Grant and I have had soo many flat tires here and back in NZ that its not even funny.  I immediately put on my emergency blinkers and started to get over as soon as I could, I was hoping the tire would stay together for me to drive off the freeway but it started to really flap around and I knew that was not possible so I pulled over, but there was no room to get out of the car.  I called my mom to let her know we were stopped and I was shaking so bad I kept accidentally calling Grant! Smart phones with touch screens are not good in emergencies if your hands are shaking like crazy.  Anyways I called 911 and got someone right away who was able to connect me with the highway patrol and they said whatever you do don't get out of the car and don't take your seat belt off.  

I was so afraid that someone would hit us!  Finally a cop came and sat behind us with his lights on, and about 30 min later a tow truck came.  The first truck couldn't tow us cause the back tire was flat so we had to wait for a flat bed truck.  We had to get out of the car and stand on the hill and the truck driver had to get Emmett's car seat out and put it in the tow truck.  This was such a scary event I was so thankful to the tow truck driver who really did save us.

Emmett had no idea what was going on, but he did look interested when we got in the big truck because it was the first time he ever rode facing forward.

 Here we are at the side of the road with cars flying by us at 80 mph.
 Here we are finally in the tow truck.
Here is my tire, completely destroyed!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween Party 2014

This year for Halloween we went to my cousin Amanda's house.  Usually every year I come up with a costume idea and never end up going anywhere, but this year I decided I would make my costume out of things I had around the house.  Once I remembered I had a red dress, I immediately thought red riding hood would work.  My hood is a table cloth my mom had lol and the only thing I had to buy were the sock!  Grant's costume was super easy too, he was a rugby player and all I had to buy for him was the makeup and the bandages. Cheap Cheap Cheap!  I love home made costumes that you piece together so much better than store bought.  Plus for me the fun part of Halloween is making the costume.

 Thank you to my mom for watching Emmett or we never would have gone out.

 An All Black, Riding hood, and the tiniest Dragon.

Here we have Barbie, Orange is the new black, and riding hood.
It was a really fun night!

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