Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Living Room Re-Do

My mom and I turned her dinning room into a living room.  Back when I lived at home the room connected to our kitchen was our only living room, after living cramped in a small living room forever my parents decided to use our formal living room at the front of the house for the everyday living room and made the room off the kitchen into a formal dinning room.  The only draw back to this is they have the kitchen dinning room right next to the formal dinning, so there are literally 2 huge wood tables in one room.  Soo we decided that the room needed to go back to being a family room where people can hang out and relax.  It makes perfect sense to have 2 areas where people can relax considering most of the time everyone wants to watch different tv shows.


You can see the fireplace behind the table, which never got used because it was hidden.

Now here is the AFTER:
We were going for a light theme with white, teal, and persimmon orange as the accent colors.
We painted all the walls (which had not been painted since the 90's) and we got a new kitchen ceiling lamp too.

 We are still waiting on the couch that will go along the wall that is not pictured.
 We found this lamp at a consignment store after searching everywhere!
We found these nesting tables at the consignment store too and painted the legs to be a bright pop of color.
Of course my mom will still be adding items and we still need the couch, but over all we love the way it turned out.


beeswax said...

Shannon - Thank you so much for all your back breaking work and vision and drive to make this happen. Thanks Grant for painting and stuff. Thanks Carl for going fishing for 8 days so we could get this project done without comments. I'm so in love with the room now, it makes me feel good just being in there. Love MOM.

Anna said...
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Anna said...

Looks awesome!

Francine said...

What a great update! It sounds like you had a lot of fun doing it. :)

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