Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Day 2014

We woke up early, because when you have a baby you wake up early whether you want to or not lol.
Because Emmett has only about an hour or two before he gets tired again we decided to do the gifts first and then breakfast while Emmett napped and then stockings when he woke up again.

In our neighborhood the fire department comes around with Santa on the fire truck and luckily Emmett was awake for that and luckily we heard the truck in time.  Usually we hear it way in advance but this year we heard it right as it arrived so we ran out just in time.

 I told Grant to open his eyes and I get crazy eyes lol
 Morning faces and x-mas jamies

 The big gift was the bat mobile that my mom and dad got Emmett.

 The big gift for my mom was the one my dad got her, he commissioned me to do a drawing of her and Emmett.  She loved it as you can see by the tears.
We all got great gifts from each other, it was an awesome fun day.


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