Sunday, December 14, 2014


On Friday we went and saw Santa.  I was thinking we would get one of those great screaming pictures, but proven wrong again! Emmett loved Santa!  It was the craziest thing I have ever seen, we sat him down and he immediately started smiling then he actually cuddled into Santa's beard.  He loved it!  Hazel on the other hand was not having it! She had a dead serious look on her face that said don't mess with me.

It was a fun day going out to lunch and walking around the mall looking at all the Christmas Decorations.  Hazel even got to ride the train, twice!

Here the 2 cousins are sharing Emmett's rocking chair.  I was going to re cover this for Christmas but I have run out of time so I will do it for his birthday.
 Cheesy smile!  It was perfect!
 Here is Emmett Loving Santa!

 Here we are all with Santa.  Look at that face Hazel is making, not happy!

 Hazel loved the train ride.  Emmett was too small and he was sleeping.

Crazy how much changed in one year!


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