Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Bachelorette Party Time

 Saturday was Kristen's Bachelorette party down in San Diego.  We all met in our hotel room to get the party started.  After everyone had a drink Lacey and I snuck out of the room so we could go and meet the special surprise guest ( a stripper).  The really funny thing was he met us in the lobby of the hotel hahhahha.  We decided he would turn on his music really loud outside the room and then when we all went to see what the noise was he would come in.  Kristen was defiantly taken by surprise hahaha.

Lacey and I are practicing our stripper moves before he got there hahhahaa.

The calm before the stripper storm arrived.

The arrival of the cowboy!

I cried laughing, and don't worry he got all of us at one point!
After the hotel fun we all went to Dick's Last Resort for dinner and drinks.  One of the girls didn't even make it out of the cab before her night ended ( I won't name any names, it wasn't me lol).  After dinner we all headed to a cowboy night club and danced and partied till about 1am before we got kicked out.  Again it wasn't me!  Luckily we all got back to the hotel safely.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Special Package

We received a special delivery from Grant's dad Dave!  He sent us Grant's baby blanket from New Zealand.  As soon as I opened the package I knew what it was because back in 2011 before we moved here we stayed at Dave's house for the last 2 weeks we were there and we found that baby blanket in the closet.  Here is the post I did when we found that baby blanket.

Thank you soo much for sending us the blanket, I can't wait till he is a little older so we can use it as his main comforter.  I will have to ask Grant's mom when she gets here the whole story behind the blanket, but Grant thinks that his mom made the blanket.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


 So it has been 8 weeks since I had Emmett and I am still not fitting into any of my clothes!
It is so frustrating, but to be honest I have not really tried all that hard to lose the weight either, I guess you could say I have been busy with a new born lol.

I was able to get these 3 new tops that I am thinking of possibly wearing to Kristen's bachelorette party this weekend.  The funny thing about these outfits is the jeans I have on don't come close to doing up I only have them on to get an idea of what the shirt would look like with jeans.  I plan to go shopping and get some skinny jeans to wear with one of these shirts.

I don't know why, but I thought the weight would just come off super quick and all on its own! hahahha

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter 2014

 For Easter we went to my parents house for lunch.  Usually its a brunch but this year we decided lunch would be easier that way everyone could have the morning at home.  I stayed the night before at their house, it was Emmett's first night away from home.  Grant decided to stay home and go surfing before the lunch.  Just a warning, Emmett is the star of this post lol!

 Here he is in his Easter bunny outfit that Grandma got for him.
 The outfit has bunnies on the feet and when he figured that out he would not look anywhere else but at his feet!

 We got lots of good stuff in our Easter baskets, Thank you mom!

On Monday he turned 2 months old!  He is getting so big compared to just one month ago.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Grant and Emmett

 Here are some pictures of Grant when he was little compared to Emmett now.  The crazy thing to me is how much Grant looks like his dad Dave!  I swear its hard to tell them apart at first glance.

 Dave and Grant
 Grant and Emmett

 Emmett above and Grant below

A big thank you to Grant's mom for sending us these photos so I could see what Grant looked like as a baby.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Grant's Birthday

 Tuesday was Grant's 32nd birthday, we celebrated by having cake and pizza.

 He is wearing the new tank I got him.
 Thursday we went to Ryder's play, he performed as Peter Rabit.  He did an excellent job.

 Thursday was also my Grandpa's birthday so after the play we went out to lunch with him to Spoons.

I think April has the most birthdays in it for our entire family, about 5 people!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Hazel's 2nd Birthday

Saturday was Hazel's 2nd Birthday Party.  It was also Emmett's first party.  We had such a fun time watching all the kids play and hanging out.

Here is Hazel feeding her doll just like Kristen is holding Emmett.  Hazel loves babies and Kristen is getting practice for when it's her turn!

 Hazel is a doll!
 Sunday we spent the day relaxing at home.  Emmett got a bath and we were able to take an afternoon nap.

 Clean babies are the best!
My mom snapped this picture of us sleeping.  He loves to sleep with someone holding him and it doesn't happen often.
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