Sunday, January 25, 2015

11 Months Old and a Hair Cut

Emmett is 11 months old.  In one short month he will be a one year old and for some reason that is really hard to believe.  I look at photos of him from when he was a new born and it is actually hard to recognize that baby anymore.  I can still remember the day he was born like it was yesterday and when I really think about it I still get teared up about how special that day was.  
As much as I loved him as a new born I enjoy him more and more everyday!  And as he grows and develops his own personality and individual qualities I love him more and more.  I know that what goes into making a person who they are has a lot to do with how they are raised, but I am finding it very interesting that he also has his own traits that were never taught to him that are all his own.

  • He is very cautious 
  • When he is done eating he will let you know by throwing everything on the floor
  • He likes to run 
  • He will be an early talker because he already has a lot to say
  • He doesn't cry very often, even when he slams his fingers in the drawers 
  • His newest trick is clapping! Sometimes he will clap at the funniest things
  • He loves the remote control! When he gets it he quickly pushes every button!
  • He loves books!  I was shocked cause for the first 6 months I had to force reading 
  • Yesterday he got his first real professional hair cut and he was so good.

 Make sure you stop by the blog tomorrow!  There will be a big giveaway going on all week long.


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