Friday, January 9, 2015


On Wednesday I met with my friend down by the beach.  It was such a hot day I wore shorts!  
Its always fun to catch up with Danielle and her beautiful daughters!

 Emmett loves hugs and Kaylee is seriously one of the cutest kids and has the best personality.  She is one of those kids that actually makes you laugh because they are funny.

 Lots of people think Grant is funny all the time.  I live with him and I don't just laugh at everything, but sometimes he just hits the nail on the head with humor.  I was dying when I turned around and saw this!  He has Emmett wearing his sheep pillow.

sooooo funny!


beeswax said...

I am laughing my ass off again just looking at Emmett with that sheep on his back. OMG!! Stop!! Ha ha ha.
Danielle and the kidlets are darling and the boats are pretty in the harbor. Nice blog post Shannon. Oh and you are very pretty too.
Love MOM

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