Thursday, January 29, 2015


So I started an Instagram account.  I had one before and I didn't really understand it so I quit the account, but now I am back.  My cousins talked me into it (didn't take much), all they had to say was we put a lot of stuff up on Instagram that we don't put anywhere else.

So there it is! You can follow me if you want.  I put stuff up on there that I don't put anywhere else and I also put up stuff that probably no one cares about hahaha.

In today's Shannon news, I had to take my car to get fixed because I lost power steering yesterday when driving home from Target.  The annoying thing is I had to drive the car to the place and then I had to walk the mile home with Emmett.  The reason is Grant only has a van with no seats in the back so the only way we could have swung driving there would be for me to drive the van, Emmett would be in the front seat with the air bag and Grant would be rolling around the back with all the tools.  So I decided I would walk and risk getting run over at a cross walk instead.  Its always something! As my mom says, it could be worse.  Yes it can keep getting worse or it could be better lol.  I guess that is what legs are for, walking.  On to more positive things.

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two birds said...

Well, at least you got a little fresh air, and hopefully a fixed car!!

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