Tuesday, February 3, 2015

New Curtains

 We finally got curtains for our back door.  The sun beats in through this window and it makes perfect sense to have curtains, but for some reason I always thought curtains would make this area look messy and crowded.  Turns out to be the opposite!  Now that we have the curtains up the room actually looks more finished.  I am so happy we decided on a pattern too, at first we were going to go with a solid grey and luckily the store was out so we tried this pattern.  It brings so much character to the room.
 We also got this roll down shade from ikea that helps block out the blinding sun.  The great thing about this is when its rolled up you can't even see it.
Only took us 2 years and my mom having 2 migraines from this sun that finally got us on the road to getting proper window coverings!


scrapperjen said...

I love the curtains! It adds a nice touch.

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