Wednesday, February 4, 2015

What I Wore and Baby Proofing

Today I am doing What I Wore Wednesday, but really this outfit is from a week or 2 ago because this week all I have worn is pajamas or jeans and t-shirts.  I am currently trying to baby proof the house the best way I can without drilling holes into everything and spending a million dollars.  I have seen a few ways to baby proof using the toy rings and such, but I think I will have to go out and buy some stuff today.  Emmett has gone to pulling really hard on the tv stand and I am afraid that the tv will come crashing down on him.  Soo I will be purchasing the tv straps and possibly a way to keep the cupboards shut.  The word no means nothing to him at all lol.  When I say it he looks at me and smiles hahhahaha.

pleated poppy


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