Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter 2015

Easter morning we woke up early as usual lol.  Every day its a 6am wake up call no matter what.
The night before we went to Brandon's surprise birthday party.  It was such a fun time and he was very surprised, so good job Lacey! 

Brandon's Party Below
 Emmett was running wild with all the big kids and it really wore me out.  He is not steady enough to be on his own so you have to chase him everywhere.

Easter morning we opened our baskets at home and got ready and headed out to my parents house for Easter lunch.  This year we made it easy and had sandwiches and snacks.  We were there so long we also had dinner.  It was a nice sunny day with a cool breeze.  It ended up being too cool for swimming but that made the day easier.

 Here is Hazel and Ween the dog.
 The kids had rides in the wagon.  Watching this just gave me flash backs of when my mom took my cousin Amanda and I on a wagon ride and we flipped over and smashed our faces into the ground.
 We had an Easter egg hunt. Emmett didn't fully understand, but next year he will.

Emmett had a heck of a day!  He was running and fell and smashed his lip into the concrete which made his mouth bleed, then after lunch he was walking eating a cracker and started choking!  He had his back to me but luckily everyone saw him and went running to force it out!  Having kids is a lot of work.

After a busy weekend I am now ready for a vacation lol.


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