Monday, April 13, 2015

Lately in April 2015

Lately time has been flying by and I wonder, what I have been doing!
I seem to be busy everyday, but I am always asking myself what did I do today?
I guess taking care of a one year old really takes lots of time.

Anyways we have been going to the park and playing at the house.
Here are some pictures and video.

 Hello is there anybody out there?
Watch out that the big kids don't kick you in the face!
What is it about kids only caring about themselves hahahha?

We have also been trying to teach Emmett how to go down the stairs the right way.
Not Head first!

Nevermind the mess in our house!

Emmett is a wild man that never seems to stop.  We started to wonder if maybe his name should have been Duke after all lol!


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