Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Oceanside Mini Vacation

Last weekend we had a mini vacation in Oceanside.  The weather didn't know we were going on vacation because of course that was the one weekend it was freezing and even raining.  This was the perfect place to go for a short vacation because it only takes 1 hour to get there for us, but you feel like you are in a completely different land.  

We went in the hot tub and walked around and went out for lunch.  We rented a boat to go around the harbor and everyone had a great time.

 It was super bright out!

 The cousins all loved playing together.

 Emmett was over the boat ride, but I can see why, he had the uncomfortable vest on, it was cold, and he was forced to sit down.

After about 5 tries I finally got everyone's face in the shot.

 Hazel and I did some bubble blowing before we left.


beeswax said...

I had fun hanging out with you kids. It doesn't matter the weather, we make our own fun. Let's do it again soon.
Love MOM

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