Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Same Day Different Year

The fun thing about having a blog is you can look back to see what you were doing last year at this same time.

Here is a picture that I just took this morning.  We just finished breakfast and I am sitting at the laptop in the kitchen typing this while Emmett is playing with his toys.

Emmett was really little and I was getting ready for Kristen's Bachelorette party.

The funny thing about this post is I was working on our guest room because I wasn't pregnant yet ...

We lived in Orange and pre baby looks like we had lots of time to do whatever we wanted lol

We still lived in New Zealand and we just had Easter.  We got a flat tire going to the beach.

We had just been to Australia and I recapped our amazing trip.

Living in NZ working as a nanny and trying to work on art.  Lets just say now its 2015 and that drawing is still not done hahhahaa.


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