Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunny Weekend

We had a fun weekend.  Saturday we went to the La Verne farmers market.  My mom bought the sweetest strawberries I have tasted in a long time.  The market was a lot of fun and after we went out to lunch to an Italian restaurant/market and walked around.  It was nice to be out walking and enjoying the nice day.  Grant was working (oh well).

 Sunday we did the house chores and shopping (Grant worked again).  In the afternoon Emmett took a face dive out our front door and got road rash under his nose.  It was crazy!  I was checking our mail and I look back and he is flying out the front door.  He didn't really cry, just made this face like what the hell keeps happening to me?  It was really sad!

 My mom got him this cute little pot and the grass is already growing.
 Grant and I were eating dinner and Emmett was in his little area quietly playing and I thought wow he is being really good, because usually he whines the whole time we try to eat.  So I kept glancing at him and thinking ok he is fine.  After dinner I see he is chewing I jump up and see he has literally eaten a book! I looked everywhere to see if there were pieces of the book anywhere, but nope he chewed and swallowed a big chunk of his book!
The ironic thing is I try sooo hard throughout the day to not let him chew on the books.

All I have to say is good luck digesting that book Emmett!


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