Tuesday, April 21, 2015

We have a Climber

We now have a climber!  Now we have had to rearrange the house yet again!  Now the (cage) baby gate has to be closed again into a play pin.  Its sad, but its the only way to keep Emmett safe while trying to get things done.  Last night I was making dinner and he was in his play area which use to open to the couch and I heard this laughing.  I look around the corner and he is holding the remote control and jumping on the couch!  I said how did you get up there?  So I thought it was a fluke and that he used the pillows to get up there soooo I moved the pillows and went back to dinner, making sure to peak on him every few seconds and before I knew it he was up there again!

When Grant got home he showed us how he does it.
Now I know a lot of people that would say how can you keep your kid caged up, but I don't care lol its for his own safety.  He does not understand fear yet or getting hurt.  I have tried to show him how to get down from the couch and he likes the fastest way face first!

Anyways soon enough he will understand the word no and that if your not careful you will get hurt, but right now you say no and he laughs hahhaha.

Here is a video of how frustrated he gets if he can't get up.


beeswax said...

He is such an active little guy. You were nothing like that. You were a very cautious little girl. Boys are very different, I know, I have 3 brothers.
Do what you have to do to keep him safe until he has control of himself.

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