Thursday, May 28, 2015

Infected Splinter

Last week Grant got a metal splinter in his finger when working.  He came home and told me it was really bothering him.  His finger swelled up 3 times larger than normal and turned bright red.  It didn't take a genius to see it was infected.  The next morning we made a same day appointment to have it looked at.  We were all thinking that they would probably say its fine, but next thing you know he is in the hospital on antibiotics and they are saying it looks so bad they want to keep him over night.  Luckily when the Dr. came in the next day to inspect it they said because the antibiotics were working that he could go home and be monitored with a follow up appointment.

Now over a week later most of the swelling is gone and his finger is no longer red but a weird brown color instead.  I am assuming all the dark dead skin will peal away over time!

I am happy this is how it turned out and that he didn't need surgery as they first thought!

 Don't worry everyone Grant had shorts on under that tunic dress lol.


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