Friday, May 29, 2015

Something New

We have been trying something new around here.  We have now set up a little table for Emmett to sit and eat at and do projects on.  Turns out he loves it!  I say, "time to eat, go and sit at your table" and I look over and there he is sitting and waiting for the meal!  Now of course this doesn't mean he sits there the whole time, I don't think I have said "sit down" more in my entire life, but I do think he likes it much better than being in his high chair.  For dinner we are trying to all eat together and for that meal we have him sit with us at the table in his high chair.

Its crazy how he has turned into such a big kid so quickly.

 Thank you Lacey, Dean, and Hazel for the handed down snow boots.  We might have to wear them now while they fit LOL! I don't think they will fit when the snow hits next season.


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