Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Irvine Zoo

Way back on May 30th we all went to the zoo.  Its a little local zoo with animals from around the area that have been rescued.  It turned out to be a really warm summery day, perfect for the zoo and park.

After a fun day of seeing the animals we all headed back to our place and Hazel and Emmett played in the water.

 This donkey had something interesting happening!  I jokingly said 3 legs, but then I realized that duh animals have 4 legs hahhaha so it was more like 5 legs.  At least we kept ourselves entertained.

 So big!

Here are the kids playing at the water table.  Yes that is a painted on top Hazel has lol.
Emmett was more interested in seeing how much water he could drink rather than splash and play lol.


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