Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Free Weekend

Last weekend my mom and dad watched Emmett.  My mom took him Friday night and brought him back on Sunday noon.  It was his first time away without me or Grant.  We spent the weekend scraping paint in our bathroom.  It was not a fun job haha.  We scraped paint all day Saturday until dinner time when we decided to go out.

We look like giants!  Anyways must be the angle of the camera hahaha.
I was able to wear my new dress and we went to PF Changs where we had a gift certificate, so it was almost a free dinner out!

It was very weird to go to dinner and just jump in the car and take off and jump in the car and come home.  No hauling strollers and screaming and bags.  When we got home I said this is what it was like before we had Emmett.  Very quiet and lots of time to get things done.  Before we had Emmett I worked full time and still had way more time to do anything I wanted compared to now.

The good thing is even though we had some time to get some stuff done I missed Emmett's little face and crazy energy!


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