Monday, August 31, 2015

End Of August

Thank goodness its the end of summer and Fall should be starting soon.  I am ready for the heat to stop.  The heat is relentless!  I am so sick of being in constant air conditioning.  Its so hot out that its not enjoyable to be outside, even walking from an air conditioned building to an air conditioned car causes sweating.  Please let this be a cool Fall and Winter!

We have been mostly inside staying cool.  I took Emmett for a bike ride the other day and not to long into it he started saying All Done! all done! All Done! lol

 Even though its hot, I was able to plant the front of our house.  Before there was some ugly green ground cover, now there are flowers.
 Emmett is a non stop blur! He will not smile for the camera or hold still so I take blurry photos.
Here he is wearing mama's hat and shoes.  He says mama's hat!

Below he is opening a gift from Anut Dee Dee and Uncle John.
Thank you so much for the clothes.  He loves turtles! So he was really excited to see the shirt with the turtle on it.

 First thing he said was turtle!
On Saturday we met my friend Danielle for breakfast and had a really fun time eating and later playing at my house.  We forgot to take pictures!  Sunday we went to our swim class and Emmett was promoted from beginner to intermediate.  We will see what intermediate is all about at our next lesson. 
Good Bye August and Hello to Cooling down...


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