Thursday, August 6, 2015


Sometimes its so fun to watch what a 17 month old is thinking.  We were watching a morning program and a concert started.  Emmett immediately jumped off the couch and grabbed his guitar.  Its like I can see him connecting the dots in his head.  He sees the concert start and thinks look we are all going to play music and so he grabs his guitar.  During the whole song he sat on the floor and strummed his play/toy guitar. 

Just this morning after his nap he looks up at the wall and sees the painting of the turtle that I made for him and he says turtle, then he points to his bed where he has a stuffed turtle.  Then he grabs his shirt that has a turtle on it.  Its like he was just realizing for the first time, there are all these turtles!

It is so cool to watch first hand someone putting everything together and trying to make sense of their world.

Its moments like this that I feel very lucky to get to be home with him everyday.


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