Wednesday, October 28, 2015

32 Birthday

It is so hard to believe I am 32!  I use to think people in their 30's seemed like they were "grown ups" and knew everything, but I now realize that I am in my 30's and I keep thinking, "am I a grown up yet???"  I just feel like a kid that now has their own kid and runs a house hahaha how did all that happen?

Anyways this birthday was just like any other Tuesday, we went to Emmett's class (which was a Halloween party) and I came home and made dinner.  Grant gave me some beautiful flowers and my parents gave me an awesome watch from Rome!

It was an excellent birthday.  I love that my birthday is close to Halloween because there is always so much going on in October, it almost feels like we get to do something fun the whole month.  Growing up I always had Halloween themed parties and this year we get to take Emmett trick or treating for the first time and I am so excited!

 We were at a park and the teacher is standing with all the kids.
I was a little stressed trying to keep Emmett in my view the whole time every second because there are streets all around this park and with his costume on it was hard to see him with all the other costumes!  Soon he will understand the importance of not going far from mom, but right now he doesn't get it!
 Emmett looks short next to all the other kids, but keep in mind most of them are much older than him.  He is one of the youngest in the group.

 Birthday dinner at home =)

My birthday flowers from Grant.


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