Monday, October 26, 2015

Cake Pops

Last week I tried something new, I made cake pops for our bunco party.  The idea of cake pops is easy but actually making them is pretty labor intensive.

You have to first make a box cake, then you have to smash all of that up with some frosting till it makes a squishy ball.  Then you have to scoop out a little at a time and make that into small balls, after that you refrigerate it for an hour, you then dip it into chocolate and shake sprinkles on it.

I guess I am use to making a cake and frosting it and calling it a day, so to me this seemed like a lot of work.

With the left over chocolate I made some dipped cookies.
Tasted delicious!


Angie said...

Making cake pops is on my bucketlist. I think I've always heard it's hard so I haven't done it. Yours turned out so cute!

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