Saturday, October 17, 2015

Tanaka Farms

Yesterday we went to Tanaka Farms.  This is a real farm! They grow vegetables and have a petting zoo.  The great thing is its really affordable to get in and the hay ride was really long and worth the $5.00!  We really enjoyed the whole experience, from the scarecrows to picking our own pumpkin.

 We walked into the farm and I gave Emmett a squeezy applesauce packet and he immediately squeezed it all over the front of his shirt when I realized this we were about to get on the tractor hay ride!  So I whipped off his shirt and luckily my mom had a tissue to try to wipe off as much as I could.  We sadly had left the diaper bag at home hahha so we were stuck wearing dirty clothes and a wet diaper.  I guess some days you just deal with what you have.

 Emmett loves tractors so he was in corn row heaven. 

 We joked that dada could be a scarecrow for Halloween.  BOO

 I love these grey / orange pumpkins.


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