Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Halloween 2015

This year we went up to my parents for trick or treating.  Emmett dressed up as a race car driver.  He kinda got the idea of what we were doing, but didn't really understand the concept of candy.  I am sure by next year he will really get it!  As soon as we get to the house he always says Carol's house and New car, some how he can remember from last week that we talked about Carol ( my moms neighbor and family friend) getting a New Caaarrr (that's how he says it).  Its crazy how much he can say and remember now, I think back to last Halloween and he couldn't even walk!

 Trick or Treating
 Diner Girls and Race Car Driver
 Driver and Darth Vader

 I was a last second witch and Grant went as my mom lol

 This lucky boy loves hot rods and was so happy to sit in Pete's car he did not want to get out.
(photos by Pete and Carol and MOM)


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