Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Pretend City

This last Sunday we went to Pretend City.  This place is pretty cool!  We had gone before when Emmett was just one year old and now he is 3 months away from being 2 years old.

Of course the second we went in he ran full force to the cars.  He wouldn't do anything but play in the cars!  At one point I picked him up kicking and screaming to try to get him to check out a different area and of course he found the only car in that spot.  This made me think, we could have just taken his bike to the park, but it was worth trying again and probably next time he will be ready to try something new. 

Notice every picture has a car in it LOL

 He didn't understand the stage at all, he was mostly interested in running up the ramp and jumping off the stair!  Maybe performing is not in the cards hahaha

In other news, it has finally cooled down here is CA!  It still gets warm during the day, but thank goodness it cools down at night.  It finally feels like Fall is here.  I can now drink my coffee in the morning without breaking a sweat.


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