Monday, December 7, 2015

25th Anniversary Party

It is my parents 25th Wedding Anniversary so we threw a party!
My mom came up with this idea months ago that we should have a party so we started planning and planning.  We decided on a silver theme and went from there.  It was awesome to see the whole party come together.  Everyone had an excellent time with live music and dancing.

 Here we are the day before the party setting everything up!  The tent people came early that morning and spent a few hours setting it all up, then it was up to us to decorate.
 The night of the party my dad gave my mom a pretty heart necklace.

 Emma came over and babysat Emmett!  It was her first official JOB.  She did great =)

 Thank you soo much to Rondi and Neil at Fine Line Signs for making the banner over the bar, the sign in the front yard, and the beautiful light up table signs!

 Wake up Grant!

 I had no idea I was going to make a toast, so it sounded something like thank you for coming everyone and I love you mom and dad LOL.

 Thank you to Grant for building the bar.
 Thank you to Scott for Bar tending.

Thank you to Dave Donatelli for being the DJ!  Everyone just loves when you rock out and get the party started.


beeswax said...

And THANK YOU Shannon for putting it all together!!! You did a fantastic job!!! We love you.

Anonymous said...

Awesome party and awesome blog. Thanks so much, kiddo. You're the best.

Love ya'...


Amanda said...

Have another party so I can come!! Looks like you guys all had so much fun!! Happy anniversary!!

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