Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Around the House

Since Emmett has been under the weather we have been laying low and taking it easy.  Watching lots of Mickey Mouse.  He normally runs around ripping the house apart, but since being sick he just wants to sit on the couch and relax.  This morning after breakfast and a bath we went for a bike ride.  After 2 laps Emmett said all done! Another sign of not feeling great, normally I have to convince him to stop riding.  When we got inside he said night night.  HE told me he was ready for a nap!
Its pretty cool outside today so I put Emmett in his vest.  It was so funny the second the vest was zipped up he started to act like a dog wearing a sweater.  He wouldn't move lol.  Then to sit down he wouldn't bend his waist, just fell to the ground hahha.
The photos aren't great because they were taken with my crappy cell phone.

 Yesterday we found a jacket from Dean that fits!  its a 4t but it will be perfect for super cold nights.

 This kid will NOT smile for the camera lol
Not feeling good again after his nap.  When will this cold end.


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