Saturday, December 12, 2015

Winter Weekend

This weekend has been the opposite of last weekend's partying.  This whole week we have been really tired and yesterday Emmett started to act kinda sick.  He had a fever and was just whining and uncomfortable.  After texting one of my friends with a baby the same age I think he might be teething.  He might be getting his molars which would explain the fever, not wanting to eat, and chewing on his hand.  So I am hoping that this will pass once those teeth pop out.

All day today my mom and I have been making cookies and trying recipes that are new to us.
Our first attempt at making one of the cookies was a fail when we finally realized the flour was accidentally left out!  I blame all the craziness with Emmett for that confusion.  After throwing away all the cookies and dough I made peanut butter Hershey kiss cookies.  They turned out super yummy.
Grant went surfing and now he is currently sleeping/napping.  I think I might spent tomorrow wrapping gifts and getting everything organized for Christmas because we are not far away now.
Yummy Cookies

My pile of gifts that need to be wrapped.
Caught Grant sleeping.

 Our little Christmas tree
 Emmett's new ornament from Grandma, his favorite Mickey Mouse!


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