Monday, January 11, 2016

Grandma (Mom) Turns 60

On Saturday it was my mom's 60th birthday!  We didn't really have anything planned because she said "I don't want a party."  The night before Lacey text me and said we should do something so we threw together a surprise hang out party (not really a party).  Saturday noon we went to my Grandpa's house to bring him lunch and see how he was doing after his fall.  Then we headed back to my house.  My mom kept saying lets do something fun hahaha I kept stalling saying, well lets wait till Emmett wakes up from his nap.  Then she said, lets look up what might be happening today, in the mean time I was running around vacuuming and cleaning.  Finally I starting showing her random crap for sale on craigslist because I knew they were coming over soon hahahha.

Grant kept giving me the side eye and whispering I think she knows something is up.  I kept saying shhh stop whispering things to me or she will really know something is up.
Anyways the Donatelli family showed up with cake and balloons and my mom was super surprised.  She was like now it all makes sense that you were showing me weird stuff on the internet and why you said you went shopping for milk so early in the morning hahahha.

We all had a super fun time, but I think Emmett had the best time!  He was soo excited to see his 2 best friends when he woke up he started crying with excitement!  I was all too much for a 23 month old!  The rest of the night the kids ran around laughing and screaming having the best time, turns out all you need is 3 balloons for loads of fun.

 My mom and her favorite little girl!

 We were laughing hysterically because the balloon I was holding was very attracted to my face LOL

 Finally I realized just let it go higher than my head hahhhaa
 One of us takes pictures very seriously!
 60 looks really good!
 Dean and Hazel fell asleep, but not Emmett!  I am serious when I say he will only sleep in bed hahaha.


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