Monday, January 4, 2016

New Years Eve 2015

On New Years Eve we drove up to Pismo Beach for a vacation.  We left early and drove to my parents house where we crammed everything into one car and took off.  We weren't even on the road for 30 minutes when Emmett started saying "all done, go home to Grandma house."
This was our longest drive so far with Emmett and honestly I don't know if he could handle a drive any longer than this LOL.

We got to the hotel, unloaded the car, went grocery shopping, and headed to the beach for our bonfire.  We stayed at the beach till closing at 10pm and then headed to the hotel to watch the count down on TV.

 Emmett loved digging in the sand.


After Emmett fell asleep in my mom's arms for about 30 min, he woke up and insisted to go in the car and sleep in his car seat!  Fine by me hahaha so we put him all bundled up in his car seat and he happily slept till we left to go back.


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