Monday, February 22, 2016


On the Saturday before Emmett's 2nd birthday we ended up in the emergency room for 2 hours.  I was busy all morning getting everything ready for Emmett's birthday, and Grant and Jo were going to go to the beach for lunch.  I was down stairs pouring the cake batter into the cupcakes when I hear a loud bang and a scream.  Grant yelled out Shannon Emmett fell and its really bad!  I was terrified! What happened? I started to run up stairs and Grant was bringing him down.  Apparently Emmett was running at full speed and tripped falling head first into the corner of our dresser.  There was a huge purple knot forming on his forehead and a cut down the middle of it.  Grant just kept saying its really bad.  I said hurry lets go to the emergency hospital.  So I frantically ran around the house, turning off the oven and locking the doors.

We jumped in the car and drove off.  The whole time in the back seat I was telling Emmett, its going to be ok and he was telling me the same thing, its going to be ok mama.  I was so scared that he could have done damage to his skull or brain.  Once we were in the hospital it already started to look better the swelling had gone down and it stopped bleeding.  The Dr. told us that its good we came in and he checked him out and said everything looks ok.  I have never been so scared.  Emmett's biggest fear in the hospital were the plastic bracelets they made him wear with his info on them and then when the dr. wanted to simply look at him ( not touch him).  I have never heard a whistle scream quite like I did that day.

 This was us that morning watching tv and relaxing.  Turns out that is what we looked like in the hospital too.  We left with both of us still in our PJs.

Here we are after we got home.


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