Monday, February 29, 2016

Last Weekend With Jo

We have had a busy weekend.  On Saturday we went to Corona Del Mar and played on the beach for a few hours.  On Sunday we went to the Irvine zoo and walked around.  We have been lucky because the weather has been awesome.  Its been nice and warm, but not too hot.  It feels like a cool summer day.  Today we are sending Jo back to New Zealand where she is having a vacation before going back home to Australia.

 This was before Emmett decided to walk/run in the water and fall face down in the waves.  Luckily Grant picked him up within seconds.
 Thank you to Gail for the super cute shirt Emmett is wearing.

Here we are at the zoo checking out all the wild animals.  Emmett was really tired and unhappy, but we made it through LOL

As you can see Emmett was not going to be set down hahaha.  He would only be held.


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