Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Sunday

For Easter Sunday we went up to my parents house and spent the night.  We got there Saturday and had dinner and Sunday morning we were up for the neighborhood breakfast party.  First thing in the morning Emmett and Grant opened their Easter baskets.  Around noon Lacey and her family came over for sandwiches.  We had a small Easter egg hunt in the house for the kids and when the wind picked up we headed down to the park to fly kites.  We had to all be gone by 5 pm because my mom was taking my dad to the airport for his big NZ fishing adventure.

I got the kids pez dispensers and Emmett got a hold of Hazel's pez bunny and was slowly eating them.  I would take it away and the next thing I know he has it again LOL He ate a whole row of them and then thought he should throw away the dispenser.  Luckily we got it right before it was headed for the trash.

 This is the best picture of the kids! They are all smiling!


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