Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Emmett At 2 Years Old

Emmett is 2 years old!  How is this possible?  I swear he was just turning one.  He has changed so much just in the last 6 months it amazes me.  He is talking all day and night lol.  The amazing thing is just a few months ago he didn't talk in complete sentences and now he is one of us.  He can tell you exactly what he wants and why.

Over all he is a happy little person who loves to run around and keep busy all day with his toys.  He is still taking 2 naps a day, but that is because he still wakes up at 6am everyday.  The greatest thing is when I can over hear him singing songs or pretending to be on the phone with someone.  As soon as any music starts playing he will jump up and start dancing (its just too cute sometimes).

He has been saying some funny things too:

Me: what do you want to eat for dinner?
Emmett: Pudding

Me:What are you doing?
Emmett: Good

Me: I am on my computer and he walks up
Emmett: Mama all done with computer (he pushes the off button)

He will hear a random noise, look up and freeze and say, Dada home!
Me: No dada isn't home yet
Emmett: Oh yeah its only the neighbor

 He still loves cars, airplanes, buses, trains and tractors.  He has a kid kitchen in his room and he also loves making food for his stuffed animal friends and to have pretend picnics.


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