Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Whats Happening in March

We have been pretty busy in March.  We replaced all of our front windows!  It feels like this project is taking forever, but really its only been 2 weekends.  I guess because my whole house has been ripped up and everything is all crazy looking it makes it feel like forever.  I don't know how people live through huge renovations.  As soon as we are done I will put up some before and after pictures.

Here is Grant and Emmett playing.  Emmett constantly says play cars, what he means is get on the floor and start playing with something while I will walk away and do something else LOL.

 Here we are attempting to fly a kite with no wind.  It ended up being me running with the kite.  Some random dad yelled at me Run MOM Run LOL.
 Here are our terrible windows before the process started.

We attempted to visit the Easter bunny, but turned out they had some weird stuffed bunny that you could pose with .  Umm I am not paying 20 to 40 dollars to take a picture of Emmett next to a stuffed rabbit, I can do that at home!

We did go on a ride on the carousal.

 Happy March.


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