Friday, April 8, 2016

Baby On the Way

I am soooo excited to announce we are having a baby boy!  He is due in September.  Emmett can't wait to be a big brother.  I see lots of boy filled fun in our future.  The most awesome part is we are totally set up with everything we need for a boy and Emmett is already talking about how they can play cars together =)

I have asked Emmett what we should name this baby and of course the answer is baby, hahaha.


Brittany Lindstrom said...

CONGRATS!!!! <3 you!

Shannon Olson said...

Kathy Ols Grandson No. 2 is on the way. We are so excited!!!

Kristen Van Duyn Yay!!!! Congrats to you guys!

Ginger Donner So happy for you!!

Jasmine Douglas Yay!! Congratulations!! Such exciting news xxx

Star Susie Edwards Congratulations

Shanina Méndez Awww life again yay congrats to you both

Soazik Shearer Congratulations!!

Mary Peter Lindstrom Congratulations!

Brittany Lindstrom Yay!!!!!!

Dave Donatelli · Friends with Kathy Ols and 8 others
Congratulations!, Awesome!

Sue Brizio Congrats to you all. Emmett is growing up so fast. See ya Fathers Day?

Shalyn Robers Congrats!!! ♡

Jeanne Morales · Friends with Kathy Ols and 1 other
Congratulations. So happy for you.

Lisa Koravos Yay!!!

Dawna Marshall congratulations Shannon! that is just fabulous!

Katrina van Duyn Congrats!!!

Lisa Fjastad Congratulations!!

Magnus McDarth He's still got it! Atta boy, Grant!

Er...See More

Katherine Jimenez Congrats guys!!

Jed Banks Awesome news congratulations Grant Shannon and Emmett

Nikki McBride So exciting!!! Congrats guys. Wonderful news

Lacey Donatelli Congrats you 3! Emmett will be the best big brother

Amanda McDaniel Congrats!!!! So exciting!

Kathleen Greven Fjastad Congratulations!!!

Cheryl Watson · Friends with Joni Elmslie and 4 others

Sherry Kinne Great news, congrats!

Adam Torrens Wow! upping my uncle game!

Mary-Jane Irwin Wow! Congratulations guys! smile emoticon

Mary-Jane Irwin You have to call him Marty.

Jo Torrens Why Jane?

Dava McCoy Omg! Congrats! I had a feeling you were preggo when we saw you at Quinn's birthday. You had a glow about you!

Rachel Hitchcock Congratulations, that is such great news! We are in LA next week, taking kids to Disneyland etc - Anahiem is miles away from you guys right? Rach x

Lyndsey Gibeau Congrats!!!

Kylie McBride Congratulations how exciting

Shannon Torrens Thank you everyone for all of the nice comments!

Teresa Long

Candice Pringle Wooohooo Emmett will have a brother! Congrats!

Lars Pettersson Congratulations from us

Alina Danger Well done Grant. What a sexist father though. Next one should be a girl.

Grant Torrens my girl sperm are lazy and bad with directions

Matt Lind We hope to be in Cali in August so hopefully can get in a couple of neonatal classes with you guys

Grant Torrens it will be wierd not pretending to drink with you, august can be brutal here if you dont have cold beer

Rachel Hitchcock
We are staying at the Hyatt Orange County - arrive there Tuesday night

Shannon Torrens Great how about we meet up Thursday night for dinner? We could go to down town disney! I am sure that would be right near where you are staying, its connected to Disney land

Gail McBride Fantastic news Shannon! Congratulations. Very exciting!

Betty Tracy · Friends with Kathy Ols and 1 other

Kerry Plummer Wonderful news Grant and Shannon and Emmett

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