Saturday, May 28, 2016

A Final Goodbye

This morning we all went to Huntington Beach to say our final goodbyes to my cousin Erik.  Erik passed away this April, he was my younger cousin.  I remember him as a close friend I grew up with, there was a time when I was young and we actually lived with my aunt and uncle and cousins and I thought of both Amanda and Erik as my brother and sister.  We will all miss you forever Erik.
This morning we had a really nice memorial at the beach and then there was a paddle out to spread his ashes at sea.  I think it will take a really long time before it will set in that you are actually gone.
Here are a few pics from when we were young

We always had the best time together.  We would constantly laugh!  I can remember laughing so hard when we were suppose to be eating dinner that milk would be coming out of our noses!
Here we were today saying goodbye.

We will miss you!


beeswax said...

You captured the memorial so well. Thanks for sharing.
I love you.

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