Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Pregnancy #2 19 weeks

I am half way to the baby being here!  It feels like this time around has gone a lot faster, but at the same time I have felt more sick and more tired!  Maybe because I am older or maybe because I have a toddler to run after.

1. Sickness
Yay the sickness is finally over.  I was feeling sick all day long for the first 3 months and thank goodness in my 5th month I feel fine, just tired.

2. Weight 
I have already gained 18 pound, but at this point last time I had gained 20!  So maybe this time I won't get as big hahahaha

3. Gender
BOY!  We are having a boy.  I can't wait for Emmett to have a brother.  I just know they will have so much fun together and the great news is we have absolutely everything we need.  I might have to buy some hangers and a drawer set hahaha.

4. Summer
This pregnancy is the complete opposite time of year from the first one.  I will be pregnant through the entire summer and due at the hottest month of the year in CA.  So I have bought a few dresses to make it through the summer.

I am super excited and I feel like I don't have too much longer before the baby will be here!

Below is a picture from my first pregnancy in 2013

Here I am today 19 weeks along 2016.
I am pretty much the same size!
Only 4 months to go!


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