Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Last Day of Class

Today was our last day of class for the summer.  We started school for Emmett when he was almost 18 months old and we have been going the whole year.  The class is a mommy and me class every Tuesday from 930 to 1130.  I feel like he has learned a lot and come a long way.  In the beginning he didn't want to dance or sing or participate in the activities and now a year later he is doing everything!  He really loves it and even asks me, when is class?

Its sorta sad we are stopping for the summer and possibly the Fall, but with the new baby coming I just don't think there will be time.  Maybe by winter we will be back.

First day of School!

 Last day of School!

He has come so far along and learned so much!


beeswax said...

He went in a baby and came out a little boy.

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