Sunday, July 31, 2016

32 Weeks Pregnant

I am 32 weeks pregnant and that means only 8 weeks left!  Its going faster now, hard to believe in just 8 weeks we will have a little baby added to our family.  I can't wait!  Number one I am all set up and ready and excited for the baby, but I am also ready to have my normal body back!

In a lot of ways this pregnancy has been different from the first one.  I think its because I am less focused on being pregnant, I don't tend to look up every stage of the pregnancy and since we are not having a baby shower and I already have everything there is less planing and more living.

I do feel the same in lots of ways to the first time around.
  • Feeling lots of kicking all day and night
  •  I have probably gained about the same amount of weight as last time
  • I feel uncomfortable when I eat too much food, its like there is no room for food in there
  • My back is killing me all the time! When I tell the Dr he says oh yeah that's what happens
  • The baby is in the right position head down and really low
New things
  • We have Emmett who is so excited about the new baby coming
  • Emmett likes to say good morning and good night to the baby belly
  • Its now hard to carry Emmett, he is just too heavy to carry for too long
  • I can't stand or walk for very long or my back starts to really kill me 
  • This time around I am anemic, so I have been really careful to take my vitamin and trying to eat more meat
  • I guess because of being anemic I was so exhausted most of the time, it was hard to not sit down after just a little activity, but I am feeling better everyday 

 32 weeks
7 months


beeswax said...

You wear it well. Not too big at all.
Love you and cannot wait to hold grandson #2.

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