Saturday, July 30, 2016


Yesterday we enjoyed a day at LACMA.  We walked through all of the exhibits and got lunch at the cafe.  For a Friday it was pretty busy at the museum and the cafe.  The Cafe was the craziest part, we walked in and it was total chaos in there haha.  We ordered our food and finally found a place to sit outside then someone comes and tells us we have to move the tables cause we are blocking the walkway! Oh boy!  

After the cafe we saw the La Brea Tar Pits.  We didn't go on the tour, so really it was just looking at a pile of tar, but its really cool how the tar just rises out of the middle of nowhere.
We finished the day at the Peterson Museum.  I want to go back and actually tour the museum soon.  There are so many awesome cars there, we just walked through and bought the kids some cars at the gift store.

 The kids loved running through these yellow plastic noodles.

 The kids got to paint their own art.

 Here are the tar pits behind me.

 Here is the giant rock.  Not sure how or why its here, but its a huge rock LOL.
 Close, but I don't really look like I am holding it. hahaha

 When we finally walked back the the Peterson Museum Emmett yelled YAY! haha he loves cars, so we have to go back and tour the car museum.
After a fun day we ended with buying the kids cars.  Emmett picked out a yellow 57 Chevy Bel Air.  He loves it!


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