Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Maui Part 2

Most of our days seemed to blend together, until I didn't have any idea what day it was or how long we had been there.  Most mornings started out really early, so around 8 or 9 we headed to the beach to play in the water.  Then around lunch time we headed home so we could eat and Emmett could nap.  The afternoon was mostly us at the pool until dinner time.

 In the morning playing.
 Grant took Emmett surfing for the first time!

 Playing in the sand for hours!
One of our first nights there Grant took Emmett off roading in the stroller on our walk back to the condo. I kept saying stop doing that you will ruin the stroller and sure enough he bent the leg of the stroller so bad it wouldn't work.  The next morning he tried bending it back in place and the wheel snapped off!  So we began our trip with no stroller!  So annoying!  We were able to find a super crappy replacement one that hurt everyone to push, but it got us through the trip. I am talking so crappy that Emmett actually fell out of it straight on his face one time and I didn't notice and ran him over!  He was fine, so we laughed so hard it hurt!

Here we are on the 4th of July.
 6.5 months pregnant

 We went out to dinner at the Hula Grill.  Everyone had lots of happy hour drinks and 3 of us ordered the fish and chips.  My dad insisted the fish was turkey, we laughed the whole night about the turkey fish.  We listened to the live music and Emmett fell in love with the ukulele.

 Awesome new Maui outfit!

 Broken stroller means "Dada's Neck", Grant spent most of the trip with Emmett on his neck.
 We went to the Iao Needle and walked the trails.

 The needle is behind us.

 We went for a drive and watched the wind surfers.

That lump in the water is a turtle!
 Below is Emmett and Grant surfing.


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