Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Maui Trip Part 1

We just got back from our vacation in Maui.  We did so much that I think it will be easier to break the vacation up into different posts.  We left at the end of June and got back July 10th.  I had the best time and I am pretty sure everyone else did too.

This was the first time taking a real vacation with a child and it was so much fun!  There is so much more excitement for everything when you have a kid with you and we tended to do way more than if it was just us adults.  The other difference is its not like a vacation when you are child free hahaha you can't sleep in or just read or go get a drink whenever you feel like it.  I would take a vacation with Emmett any day over a vacation alone.

We started out with his first ever plane ride.  Luckily he was excellent the entire plane ride there and back.  He slept for at least an hour and he was somewhat entertained by the one crappy kids show they had as a free choice.  
 Here we are before take off.
 Emmett was so excited to see all the planes and the trucks and point out what everyone was doing.  It was super cool for me to get to see how excited he was about taking off and landing.

Here we are in Maui waiting for our stroller to come off the plane.  He was still so happy to get to see everything that goes on with flying a plane.

 Yay we are here!
 Our first morning we walked down to the beach in front of our condo.

 We bought a cheap game of ring and horseshoe toss.

 This is our view from our condo.
 We overlooked a golf course.
 Emmett enjoyed chasing the birds in front of our condo.

Here we are at lunch at Cool Cats in town.

 My dad was there too, but I guess we didn't get his picture.

One morning we went for a drive and walked through the "jungle" where we saw wild chickens.

Check back soon for another post.


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