Monday, August 8, 2016

Around Here

A lot has been going on around here.  Nothing really amazing just day to day activities.  Grant finally came home after a 12 day work trip up north.  We were so excited to get him home and be back to normal.  That was the longest he has been away and it was really hard on Emmett.  He kept saying " dada is going to surprise me tonight", He just did understand that he was going to be gone that long.

I only have 7 weeks left till the baby is due and because of that Grant does not have to go on any more trips at least till after the baby is born and by then this project should be done.

The other night Emmett put his face up to my belly and said "I'm Emmett, I am your brother and best friend"  This was such a sweet thing to say, I hope they can be best friends.

A few days ago we set up Emmett with a big boy bed!  He is so happy and excited to have the new setup although the first few nights he still slept in the crib.  The last 2 nights he has successfully slept in the bed and has taken his naps in there!  I was so worried about changing his routine, but he has been fine! 

Here is the big boy bed.  We have now relocated it to the other side of the room and he has new sheets and a new blanket for it.
 Here I am in the kitchen LOL
 Grant and Emmett did a swim lesson last Friday.

He is getting really good at swimming. (for a 2 year old)


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