Tuesday, September 13, 2016

38 Weeks Pregnant #2

On Sunday I was officially 38 weeks pregnant! Only 2 weeks to go.  The Dr. said I am full term now so its safe to have the baby at any time.  So I have told the baby this and it seems he is happy to stay inside LOL.  Everyday I wonder is today the day?  Almost everyday there is a point where I feel something weird and wonder is something changing then it goes away and I feel back to normal.

What is currently going on
  • It is much harder to hold/ carry Emmett 
  • I have the worst acid reflux
  • Tons of trouble sleeping
  • Weird jabs and pains in my lower guts and upper legs
  • The baby is moving less but when he does it looks like he is trying to escape
  • We talk to Emmett about what is going to happen when we have the baby where we will go and who might come and stay with him and he seems to understand
  • I have a little gift for Emmett that will be from the baby when he comes home ( a brothers book and a new cuddle bear)
  • I have been trying to walk around our complex a lot in the evening while Grant and Emmett run around playing kick the ball.
  • I am trying to not go too far from our house just in case I go into labor, but its getting pretty boring being home and just waiting.
  • Simple things are getting harder too, like just washing dishes, cause my tummy is in the way of everything
 Here is to hoping the baby comes early or on time =)
(Emmett was a whole week late haha)


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