Monday, September 5, 2016

Fun Night Out

On Saturday I met Mel and Ruby for lunch at the mall.  I was surprised it had been 2 years since we had last seen them.  I guess because of the internet it feels like it wasn't that long ago.

We had a really nice lunch and then later that night we all went to Rock in Brew for dinner and drinks.  That place is super cool!  The whole restaurant is open with really long tables and benches and there is a fun play area at the back for all of the kids to run around.  The food was great too, I would defiantly go back especially with a large group of people.

All the kids loved running around and playing in the sand area.
Here is Hazel and Ruby

 This was the only moment the kids were actually sitting and coloring.  About 5 minutes later they were all up running around!  Emmett was the worst he would not sit down or relax.

 The girls
 Craig and Carl
The Sand pit with all the kids and guys.

 The little cuties!
When we got home there was a pound of sand in Emmett's hair and clothes haha, thank goodness he stayed up long enough for a bath.


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