Sunday, October 30, 2016

One Month Old

Today Calvin is one month old!  It is crazy how fast one month flew by.

  • Calvin already weighs 10 pounds 
  • He is a super happy baby
  • He loves to eat and sleep
  • He just started smiling, but you have to work extra hard for it
  • When he cries its not too loud YET...

 Here is a picture from my birthday.  I turned 33 on Thursday and Grant and I went out to dinner to Famous Dave's BBQ.
Mama and Calvin!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Newborn Photos

Our good friend took some photos of Calvin when he was only one week old.  I love how they turned out!  I plan to get a collage frame to put them up in our house. 

Calvin was really good with taking the photos, he was very calm and easy to work with, it was only difficult when we tried to take some pictures of all of us together.

I just LOVE the way they turned out!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

So Much Going On

There is so much going on lately and I keep forgetting to post about some of the fun things we do.  I need to keep up because I know I will regret it later if I don't write.  I still look back on old posts from when Emmett was little and its so much fun to see what we did and what he looked like and I want the same thing for Calvin.

So here is what we have been up to in the last week in a half. It is hard to believe that Calvin is already 3 weeks old and this coming Sunday he will be a month old!  Its already going really fast.

2 weeks ago Kristen and Charlotte came over to visit.

 Calvin had his first real bath.  He loves the water, he was screaming and we put him in there and he instantly stopped crying.

 Emmett playing his harmonica from Jay and pretending to be a baby LOL.

Meeting Great Papa for the first time!
 How we normally look as a family.
 We visited the race car shop.
 This last weekend we went up to my parents house for a series of parties.  Friday was a Halloween party at Sean and Teresa's house, then Saturday we went to a Fall Festival in Claremont, then on Sunday it was a surprise 60th party for Rondi.  It rained on Sunday so we all got a little wet at the party, but we all had an excellent time.

 My friend Karina gave Emmett this cool train track for becoming a big brother, and he loves it!

 Cute little guy!

We have been keeping busy.  Now I am home trying to get caught up on laundry and everything else in this house!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Fire Station

A week ago we went to a Fire Station open house.  Emmett was so excited about this, since he was going to get to see some helicopters!  Right now he is really into helicopters, trains, and fire trucks.

We got to walk through the station and sit in the helicopters and meet the firemen.

It was a win for everyone!
After the tour we went out to lunch.

Lets hope we never have to be in one of these helicopters or police vehicles lol

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Pictures From My Phone

Here are some pictures from my phone from the first week and a half after Calvin was born.
We have been having lots of fun at home, playing and getting adjusted.

Here is Emmett being BOSSY!  He is telling me that I can't talk on the phone cause he is trying to watch his show.  Well excuse me!

 New hair cut. He does like it, but is very serious in this after photo.
 I feel like Grant and Calvin look so much alike in this photo.  They have a similar eye shape and mouth.  It will be interesting as he gets older to see his look evolve and change.

Emmett and Calvin each have their own look, but there are moments where I call Calvin Emmett because they remind me of each other so much.  Especially when they are sitting in the little baby seat bouncing around, I look over and have a flash back of when Emmett was first born.  Time really does go fast when you have kids.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Tanaka Farms

On Sunday we went to Tanaka Farms to see the Fall pumpkin patch.  It was such a hot day and I was wearing Calvin in his little back pack thing, so by the time we left we were both wet with sweat LOL.  I guess most people there were sweating too since it was about 95 degrees and we were in the sun the whole time.
 We all put sunblock on, but somehow we all got a little red.

 Here I am thinking, do we really need to do this maze? its too hot hahaha

This farm is a lot of fun, we started out with a tractor ride around the whole farm and half way through the ride they use a launcher to send a pumpkin flying into the field.  Emmett was unsure of this, he immediately said I don't want to see that again, then he said lets go see the pumpkin fly, then back to I don't want to see that.
Some people were wearing jeans and boots, probably because they thought its Fall and I am going to a farm, but I have a feeling they were regretting picking fashion over function.
We went through the corn maze and made it back out!  We ate a Hawaiian shave ice (Grant and Emmett somehow spilled a lot of it on them) and we saw the pumpkin patch.  I think we ended up spending about 2.5 hours doing everything and that was the perfect amount of time.  When we got home Emmett was so worn out he took a 3 hour nap!

Here are some posts from last year, wow Emmett looks so much older now!
Pumpkin Patch


Tanaka Farms 2015

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